New Album by the Misfits: “Devil’s Rain”

October 4, 2011 | 2 comments | Posted in Music |

Let me tell you, I’m a big Misfits fan. Or at least I was, up until today.

Their new album came out today, and since I could get it at Best Buy for 8 bucks with a coupon, I figured I’d go out on a limb. I haven’t really liked anything they’ve done since Michale Graves left the band, and Jerry Only resorted to taking over vocal duties. Let me tell you this: Jerry Only is a mediocre bassist at best, but his bass skills are light years ahead of his vocal abilities.

And that really sticks out on “Devil’s Rain.” He belts out forgettable choruses sounding like he’s drunk and trying to sound like Graves and Danzig at the same time.

The songwriting is abysmal. The one time I listened through the album, there was no point at all where I thought, “Hey, this sounds cool.” It was bland, uninspired, and forced.

On Facebook, I commented on my disappointment with the album, posting it on the official Misfits page. There were many others who did the same. Shortly thereafter, my comment mysteriously disappeared. So did the other negative ones. And they’ve blocked me from interacting on their Facebook page at all now.

This really upsets me. If they’re that paranoid about someone seeing negative reviews of their albums, then that’s a sure sign that they realize their lack of listenable material. They’re getting old — the Misfits are essentially a nostalgia act at this point — and know that the band’s days are numbered.

How sad. Gone are the glory days with the likes of Glenn Danzig, Doyle, Michale Graves, and Chud. Now all we have is Jerry Only desperately clinging onto the corpse of a band that died in 2000.

You’re looking at a fan of everything the Misfits did until 2000. I am now sickened and saddened by post-2000 Misfits, and will never make an effort to see one of their shows or buy any more albums (unless by some miracle we see a reunion of Graves, Doyle, Chud and Only — or even something with Danzig, as weird as that would be).

RIP Misfits.

2 responses to “New Album by the Misfits: “Devil’s Rain””

  1. Tay of the Dead says:

    I, too, haven’t enjoyed the Misfits post-Graves. Jerry Only has ruined them in my opinion. I didn’t have high hopes for this album and I’m glad to hear my suspicions have been confirmed.

  2. I felt the same way about the new Alice Cooper album. It was supposed to be a follow-up to “Welcome To My Nightmare” (creatively titled “Welcome 2 My Nightmare), but it’s just a huge disappointment. My god, not only does Kei$ha pop up on it, but the very first track has Alice autotuned. There was no call for that…

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