The Electric Chair 2D Episode 2: Hat Of Pain

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My Video Cast Premieres!

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This past weekend I released the first episode of The Electric Chair 2D. I enjoyed interviewing actor Morgan Peter Brown, and talking about other cool stuff. It’s about an hour long, so sit back, light a cigar, and enjoy.

Michale Graves at Peabody’s

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Last Saturday, I got to see Michale Graves with my friends Misfitboy and Thera at Peabody’s in Cleveland. As usual, I shot lots of video. First of all, you’ll see a fantastic young death metal band Silver Skull perform on the Pirate’s Cove stage; then you’ll see the great Pittsburgh punk band The Cheats; and finally, you’ll see Michale Graves with his new sweet lineup. Enjoy.

I shot these clips on three different devices . . . a GoPro Hero2, a Nikon CoolPix, and my Droid X2 phone. The sound quality varies among the different clips because of this.

The Fumigator: Official Faux Trailer

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My friend Jason West of Vultra Video just sent me this sweet faux trailer he co-directed with David Royal called The Fumigator. I love it! Like them on Facebook.

The Electric Chair 2D Teaser

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Coming soon!

Cypher Basement Theatre

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Madame Soleil’s Tea Party

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Another great short . . . this time from Nadine L’Esperance.

The Electric Chair is Now Available on Stitcher SmartRadio

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Stitcher SmartRadio I’m excited and honored to now be a part of the award-winning provider of news and talk radio for your mobile phone — Stitcher SmartRadio. I use this app on my Android phone and tablet to listen to shows, and I love it.

The Official Midnight Corey Garbage Pail Kid

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I’m on this big nostalgic Garbage Pail Kid kick right now, and this is what I got for you.

Midnight Corey

Primus, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

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It was my second show in the past week at Stage AE, and the crowd was completely different than the Megadeth/Rob Zombie one. I’ve seen Primus/Les Claypool many, many times, and the performance was fantastic as always. I was surprised to hear “Wynona” again — they surprised me with that song in the encore of their show here last October — but there were no big surprises with any of the other songs they played. One of the things I did like is that Les played “Over the Falls” on his Michael Kelly Bayou 4 Resonator Bass, as opposed to the upright he normally uses.

The opening bands were fantastic! The Dead Kenny G’s (the first two pictures below) went on first, and sounded great. The saxophonist, Skerik, is always amazing, and it was a crazy beautiful creative sound experience. I had never heard of the next band, Gogol Bordello. Wow, were they a lot of fun, with amazing energy and presence. They’re described as Gypsy Punk, which is completely fitting. They threw an amazing party. I’m now a fan.

Again, video and photos I took on my point-and-shoot.