Podcast Archive

Currently, Midnight Corey hosts The Electric Chair.

The Midnight Corey podcast is defunct. All 31 episodes of Midnight Corey are available to listen to.

And before this, there was the Midnight Podcast.

3 responses to “Podcast Archive”

  1. Bubbles says:

    hey man im new to your podcast i do enjoy it and I just thought you might want to review this movie: http://someguywhokillspeople.com/

    have a good one from Bubbles in New Zealand 😀

  2. ihaveaboomstick says:

    Just want to say how thrilled I am to have just found TEC, Corey – loved you on LOTC and was hugely disappointed when you left the network (can totally understand why). Am a very happy UK subscriber right now!


  3. IHaB: Thank you! I am honored to know that I have a UK subscriber, and hope to hear from you again soon. My hiatus is almost over — I’ll be podcasting again very soon. Keep in touch!

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