A Few Days in Canada

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I just spent some time at Niagara Falls, Canada. It was the perfect time of year to go: the weather was cool and comfortable, and very few other people roamed around. I was amazed at the number of head shops.

I learned something funny from the girl who worked at Burger King on Clifton Hill, the main tourist drag leading to the falls. This was the coolest Burger King I’ve ever been to — nothing special about the inside, but the outside featured a giant Frankenstein monster clutching a burger.


Since American dollars and Canadian dollars are so close in value right now, it’s not really worth doing the currency exchange thing. Every place we spent money at in Canada accepted American dollars, and gave change in Canadian dollars. The girl who helped us at Burger King was thrilled when I happily accepted Canadian dollars as change. She told us that Americans get upset all the time about having to accept Canadian money, calling it “fake” or “monopoly money.” She seemed genuinely offended at this.

What I took away from my trip to Canada is this: you gotta respect their cash.

4 responses to “A Few Days in Canada”

  1. James Melzer says:

    Fuckin-A, man. Respect the cash!

    Glad you enjoyed your trip 🙂

  2. Jeff from DC says:

    I think there just happy to have any american tourists at all, given the detremental effect that the John Candy Opus Canadian Bacon had on the industry. When Rhea Pearlman takes a stand, people notice.

  3. misfitboy says:

    i just love the monster burger, im a jackass like that. ive been to niagra falls b4 & there used to be a serial killer museum there, i wonder if its still there.

  4. The Frankenstein-holding-a-burger photo is priceless.

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