I’m a Horror Palace Dropout

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It was inevitable, I know. My podcasting philosophy doesn’t sit well with those who aspire to make a career out of it and/or those who take horror and podcasting very, very seriously. But I’ve talked about all of that way too much in the past — you know my position.

Crumbling palaceMy days were numbered there, which I realized from day one. Why was I there in the first place then? I’ve been asked that by several people now. My main reason was Jay of the Dead, whose friendship and kindness renewed my faith in horror podcasters coming together to do great things. He left the show and put me in charge of it, which I did out of respect for him and the great show he had started.

We all know that podcast suddenly stopped in a rash of controversy — which boils down to a certain member of the podcast becoming irate over a comment I made about Argento. Amazing! We came up with a story to cover it all up so that nobody looked bad and that the highly-cherished reputation of das Netzwerk would remain untarnished.

I was begged to stay on das Netzwerk — despite harsh treatment and my suspicions that things may not be what they seem. Repeatedly begged to stay. So I returned to solo-casting with The Electric Chair. That lasted for 3 episodes on das Netzwerk, at which point I left, continuing the show on my own. The reasons for this are many. Let’s just say that my leaving coincided with heated disagreements over the treatment of podcasters and leadership decisionmaking.

In fact, just before I left das Netzwerk, my friends on Devour the Podcast were thrown out under controversial circumstances.

So, I’m in the very awkward position of no longer supporting or promoting das Netzwerk, while still having many friends there who make wonderful podcasts, and are all-around great people.

The beginning of the end? We’ll see. But I’m gonna keep doing what I love to do. Thanks to everyone who has show their kind support throughout all of this!

8 responses to “I’m a Horror Palace Dropout”

  1. alberts says:

    well dagnabit my two favorite podcast now are off HP.
    well at least i can still follow electric chair and devour elsewhere!

  2. Thank you for listening, Alberts! Devour the Podcast is awesome, and I’m glad you’re a fan of theirs too. And now, Evil Episodes is in the same boat as we are. I hope you’re listening to that as well.

  3. Kelly Kile says:

    Hey midnight Corey, I as well love the Argento movies , blood red is a classic, as with susperia, I support you and look forward to a future cast, if there is anyway I can support or help u in anyway feel free to ask! I’m a midnight Corey supporter! Keep ur head up!

  4. Slashercast is with you man. We feel your pain. We accidentally caused the implosion of Splatter Matters, no matter what lame ass excuse they tried come up with. We recorded a whole episode as their guests, reviewing two movies and all, but we apparently said some things they didn’t like. Instead of editing around the comments, they didn’t air the episode and then broke up. Craziness. We don’t even understand HOW to take shit that seriously.

  5. Kelly Kile says:

    I mean deep red man lol got fired up when I found out you were out, like horror palace but Bill Chete needs to quit acting like JR Ewing, horror fans have differing tastes, just ask Terror Tovey! I’m saying don’t slaughter a dude when he likes a movie! I love ghost story with Fred Astaire, and watcher in the woods the freakin Disney movie. Horror is personally defined, no freakin need to insullt! A gentleman debate is fine, no need for insults and the whole : you don’t know horror is a insulting douche bag responce. I would kill to have a podcast with midnight Corey!

  6. Kelly Kile: Thank you for your encouragement and support! I’m still continuing my show at http://electricchairshow.com. Please keep in touch, either here, or on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (all listed on the Electric Chair page). I would love to hear more from you about horror (and whatever else for that matter). Thanks again sir!

  7. New Jersey Nick: Wow, thank you for your support! It means a lot, especially coming from you and the Slashercast, which I respect tremendously.

    I heard a little about the controversy with you on Splatter Matters, but they fabricated a lot too as far as why it ended. That’s the norm for how things are handled over there, and it ties my head in knots. I’m glad I got out while the gettin’ was good.

    It’s cool that you saw Zombie and The Lords of Salem trailer! I just saw that too last week. I’m excited for it!

    I’d love to have you as my guest on The Electric Chair sometime. We’d have a great time.

    Thank you again. If I can ever do anything for you and/or the Slashercast, please let me know.

  8. Mike Zombie says:

    Besides making the best show ever, do you know what else Midnight Corey did? He was a champion wrestler in high school. And I’m not making that up…

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