White Zombie Fan Club 1995

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I was a huge White Zombie fan in the 90’s. And I still love their music. But when I found out that I could sign up for Psychoholics Anonymous, the White Zombie fan club, I was all for it. And I was hooked up with a lot of really cool swag. I really loved the crazy newsletter they sent me — I present you with scans of the brilliance here (warning: they’re hi-resolution big files!). You’ll see the cover, all the inner panels, the rear cover, and then the full poster on the flipside that it folds out into. An amazing part of my collection.

Thanks to Rob Zombie, who truly understands what fans want.

Short Film: Prick

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Great horror short!

Short Zombie Film: The Other Side

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I saw this at the Eerie Horror Film Festival a couple weeks ago, and it was my favorite. Enjoy.

Short Film: The Living Want Me Dead

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I saw this one at the Eerie Horror Film Fest last year, and just realized that it’s now available to watch for free online. I love this! Enjoy.

Drive-In Super Monster Rama 2012

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I spent this past weekend at the Drive-In Super Monster Rama. It takes place every year at the Riverside Drive-In in Vandergrift, PA. Friday night they showed Theatre of Blood (1973), Horror House (1969), Equinox (1970), and Son of Blob (1972). Saturday featured Twins of Evil (1971), Countess Dracula (1971), Raw Meat (1973), and Psychomania (1973).

I’ll give a full rundown of how the weekend went in this week’s edition of The Electric Chair and soon on Rotten Rantings (hint: it was freaking sweet), but until then, enjoy a bunch of pictures. The Horror Movies book was a gift from my brother when I stopped to visit on Saturday afternoon. And we also went down to the Strip in Pittsburgh to eat at the original Primanti Bros. — thus the city pics.

Cypher Basement Theatre

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Madame Soleil’s Tea Party

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Another great short . . . this time from Nadine L’Esperance.

I’m a Horror Palace Dropout

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It was inevitable, I know. My podcasting philosophy doesn’t sit well with those who aspire to make a career out of it and/or those who take horror and podcasting very, very seriously. But I’ve talked about all of that way too much in the past — you know my position.

Crumbling palaceMy days were numbered there, which I realized from day one. Why was I there in the first place then? I’ve been asked that by several people now. My main reason was Jay of the Dead, whose friendship and kindness renewed my faith in horror podcasters coming together to do great things. He left the show and put me in charge of it, which I did out of respect for him and the great show he had started.

We all know that podcast suddenly stopped in a rash of controversy — which boils down to a certain member of the podcast becoming irate over a comment I made about Argento. Amazing! We came up with a story to cover it all up so that nobody looked bad and that the highly-cherished reputation of das Netzwerk would remain untarnished.

I was begged to stay on das Netzwerk — despite harsh treatment and my suspicions that things may not be what they seem. Repeatedly begged to stay. So I returned to solo-casting with The Electric Chair. That lasted for 3 episodes on das Netzwerk, at which point I left, continuing the show on my own. The reasons for this are many. Let’s just say that my leaving coincided with heated disagreements over the treatment of podcasters and leadership decisionmaking.

In fact, just before I left das Netzwerk, my friends on Devour the Podcast were thrown out under controversial circumstances.

So, I’m in the very awkward position of no longer supporting or promoting das Netzwerk, while still having many friends there who make wonderful podcasts, and are all-around great people.

The beginning of the end? We’ll see. But I’m gonna keep doing what I love to do. Thanks to everyone who has show their kind support throughout all of this!

The Most Interesting Trollhunter in the World

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The Most Interesting Trollhunter in the WorldI was reviewing Trollhunter (2011) for an upcoming podcast, and the joke was made that Hans, the trollhunter in the movie, was basically the most interesting man in the world (the Dos Equis man). So I had to make this.

The Electric Chair Official Website

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I threw this little beauty together this morning to promote the new show, and give people a way to find out more.