Michale Graves at Peabody’s

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Last Saturday, I got to see Michale Graves with my friends Misfitboy and Thera at Peabody’s in Cleveland. As usual, I shot lots of video. First of all, you’ll see a fantastic young death metal band Silver Skull perform on the Pirate’s Cove stage; then you’ll see the great Pittsburgh punk band The Cheats; and finally, you’ll see Michale Graves with his new sweet lineup. Enjoy.

I shot these clips on three different devices . . . a GoPro Hero2, a Nikon CoolPix, and my Droid X2 phone. The sound quality varies among the different clips because of this.

One response to “Michale Graves at Peabody’s”

  1. misfitboy says:

    As always, It was great seeing you again bro! The show was fantastic, great opening acts, and what can you say about Michale Graves! one of my favorite shows, if anyone has not seen him yet you can’t go wrong for ten bucks! getting to meet him was an added bonus, one of the coolest people in the music biz for sure! thanks again for making the long trek to cleveland my friend. Thera and I ALWAYS enjoy your company!


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