Murder Junkies 6-5-15

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I just got to see the most punk show I’ve ever seen. This past weekend I saw the Murder Junkies at The Foundry in Lakewood, OH (just outside of Cleveland).

We took our time getting to the club—there were 6 opening bands. The Murder Junkies merch table was right inside the door, and Merle Allin was there working it like a boss. I went up and shook his hand, told him that I appreciate him, and that it was my first Murder Junkies show. I’ve been talking with him and buying stuff from him on Facebook for a while now, and he recognized who I was. He was very cool. Here’s the thing about Merle: he’s really nice, and surprisingly normal. Why is it so surprising? He’s the brother of GG Allin . . . enough said, haha.

We ordered burgers from the bar (which were amazing), had some beers and sat through the opening bands. I went up to the bar to get another beer, and there was Murder Junkies drummer Dino Sex. I went up next to him and said, “Dino!” I shook his hand, and he smiled at me. I offered to buy him a beer, but he said, “No, I play sober, or else I’d f**k everything up.” I felt like I could have talked to him for a while, but I didn’t want to interrupt what seemed to be a very peaceful moment for the man.

We hung out for hours, and finally the final opening band finished. That’s when I really started getting excited. During the final opening band, Dino was pacing around the room nonstop. We went up closer to the stage and enjoyed the insanity of the Murder Junkies. They were the best sounding band of the night, and also had the most talent and obvious tenure in the scene.

I was initially surprised that Dino didn’t perform naked@mdash;he was in boxers. But then I realized it was an all-ages show, and there were at least two girls there who might have been 12 years old at the most. I’m sure legal considerations were discussed. However, at the end of the show, the young girls were hurried out as Dino performed his traditional end-of-show antics. If you don’t know what they are, I’m not going to tell you. Look it up.

I can’t wait to see them again.

I shot a couple pics and videos on my phone, but I really wasn’t concerned with doing that kind of thing. Most of the night, I was just enjoying the show. Check out what I got: a pic of the full band, and a pic of Dino during his end-of-set drum solo (which rocked). I also posted a video with a couple clips: a snippet of their opening song “17 Dead,” and a few minutes of the aforementioned drum solo.

White Zombie Fan Club 1995

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I was a huge White Zombie fan in the 90’s. And I still love their music. But when I found out that I could sign up for Psychoholics Anonymous, the White Zombie fan club, I was all for it. And I was hooked up with a lot of really cool swag. I really loved the crazy newsletter they sent me — I present you with scans of the brilliance here (warning: they’re hi-resolution big files!). You’ll see the cover, all the inner panels, the rear cover, and then the full poster on the flipside that it folds out into. An amazing part of my collection.

Thanks to Rob Zombie, who truly understands what fans want.

Song for Tim

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Even though I recorded and mixed this song within about 2 hours, I’ve been messing with the bass line for years and finally gave it a home. I hope you enjoy.

The NYPD Blues

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I wrote an recorded this song in about 2 hours while I was living in an apartment in another city before I married my beautiful bride. It sounds like the theme to an 80’s drama/crime/sitcom or something.

Broken Arrow

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Over three years ago, I recorded this interpretation of a song written by Robbie Robertson, and made popular by the Grateful Dead. It’s “Broken Arrow.”

Lizard Sewer Speeder

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In my latest random video, I talk about The Amazing Spider-Man Lizard Sewer Speeder from Megabloks.

Corey Talking About More Things

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Corey Talks About Things

I’ve posted a couple more random videos recently, and have recorded 2 more that are set to go out soon. I hope you enjoy!

While you’re at it, you could subscribe to my Youtube channel to keep up with all the things that I come up with. I’d appreciate it!

Talking about Toys

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I posted a video last night that is outside my normal horror/music stuff, but fun nonetheless. Some weird toys I picked up at Ollie’s.

Something I Just Played on Bass

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This just came out today as I was playing around. Download the mp3.

New Cover Song: Africa

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Add yet another song to the list of songs I’ve completely ruined (such as “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” “Bad Moon Rising,” “Thunder Kiss ’65,” “El Paso,” “Waterloo,” and many others available on the music page) — this time around it’s “Africa” by Toto.

It was the perfect storm: I had the original song stuck in my head; I thought it would be really funny to do a slow, heavy, weird rendition; I had returned my Korg D1600 for a D3200, so I needed something to record.