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September 28, 2008 | 8 comments | Posted in Funny, Horror |

Another repost . . .

What you see here is Mr. Fudgie Fudge. He’s the mascot for a local fudge maker, and they run commercials on the local stations. It features a weird theme song . . . “Mr. Fudgie Fudge is the one I want, Mr. Fudgie Fudge is the one I crave, Mr. Fudgie Fudge is what I want, Mr. Fudgie Fudge is all the rage, it’s the best fudge, ’cause Mr. Fudgie Fudge is made fresh every day.”

I’ve tried the fudge, and have to admit it’s pretty good. But the mascot frightens the hell out of me. Like he’s going to get me alone and do something terrible to me.

8 responses to “Mr. Fudgie Fudge”

  1. Kaitlin says:

    haha my roommate and I see this commercial pretty much every night…it is absolutely ridiculous, and the little dancing fudge guy is disturbing and creepy.

  2. Another Concerned Viewer says:

    After seeing this commercial for the first time this week, we have renamed him to Mr. Fudgie Poop, as we have determined he is the spawn of SpongeBob Squarepants and Mr. Hanky from SouthPark…….

  3. Boggman says:

    I’m horny…..

  4. T-Bone says:

    Actually, I like the sign in front of their store: “Knives, swords, pepper spray and gummy bears”.

  5. Corey says:

    That’s where I’m headed when the zombie apocalypse comes.

  6. I agree, that theme gives me the willies, which I think are just a big diabetic seizure.

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  8. Mr. Fudgie Fudge wants to introduce you to Mr. Fudge Packer?

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