Update: Mr. Fudgie Fudge

March 26, 2010 | 5 comments | Posted in Funny |

You’ll remember my post about Mr. Fudgie Fudge. Even though he still frightens me beyond any horror movie, I continue to buy the fudge. I finally found the commercial, featuring the kick ass theme song.

5 responses to “Update: Mr. Fudgie Fudge”

  1. misfitboy says:

    LMAO!!!! the best part is that its right next to “big woodies”! oh hell, i really need to grow up. no i dont!! nice find corey!

  2. “Making fudge” was a euphemism for something else when I was a kid. Something not very appetizing…

  3. That song IS all the rage.

  4. Jeff from DC says:

    Hey, whats that Fudge store called, the one on Peach Street? Next to Big Woodies? I wonder if Mr. Fudge let down his father, Dr. Fudge.

  5. Big Woodie’s is where I bought my fireworks this year. It’s actually a really cool store.

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