Lost Episode of The Electric Chair 2D: Orchard Place Productions

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Not long ago, I posted the “lost episode” of The Electric Chair 2D — one that I’ve never had the chance to complete. I spoke with the wonderful people from Orchard Place Productions, who brought us the sweet zombie short The Other Side.

I had a great time hanging out with them, and hope you enjoy it as well.

Short Zombie Film: The Other Side

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I saw this at the Eerie Horror Film Festival a couple weeks ago, and it was my favorite. Enjoy.

Short Film: The Living Want Me Dead

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I saw this one at the Eerie Horror Film Fest last year, and just realized that it’s now available to watch for free online. I love this! Enjoy.

Short: I Love Sarah Jane (2008)

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This is a nice little zombie tale from the great nation of Australia. There’s a bit of strong language in this one.

Bill Hinzman Dead at Age 76

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This morning I found out that the first zombie that ever scared me, giving me many sleepless nights when I was very young, has passed away. Bill Hinzman, 76, succumbed to his battle with cancer.

I’m very saddened by the news, and I’m glad that I met him and spoke to him on many occasions. I first met him in 2008, when he was the special guest for the promotion of the Eerie Horror Film Festival at the Millcreek Mall (first photo below). At that time I interviewed him for the Midnight Podcast, and was really impressed with how kind the man was.

Since then I’ve talked to him on many occasions, and he was always willing to hang out and talk. I always looked forward to seeing him.

The last time I encountered Mr. Hinzman was at Horror Realm 2010, and had to snap another photo with him because he was decked out in all his zombie glory (second photo below).

I’ll be watching Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Flesheater (1988) in his memory.

Zombie Max Bullets

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I just read about bullets specially manufactured and packaged for use on the undead.

No joke. While it’s basically a marketing ploy for the increasing number of zombie movie fans (and those convinced that the zombie uprising could actually happen), the bullets are live ammo, ready for use in a variety of firearms.

If you read to the end of the article, they mention that bullets intended to be fired on zombies causes a concern for people dressed in zombie costumes. I could totally see something very bad happening as a result.

Read the article at BlueRidgeNow.com»

Trespassers will be Eaten by Zombies

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I got this sweet rusted metal sign, perfect for displaying at my door to keep everyone else in the world out. They’re very reasonably priced, so check out what else is offered over at Zed’s Zombie Ranch.

A Galvanized Corpse

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New Zombie DVD: Cowboys & Zombies

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It’s an imaginative title, I know. On August 1, 2011, the UK will see the DVD release of Cowboys & Zombies, previously released here in the States under the title of The Dead and the Damned.

I was excited about this. The combination of zombies and the Western genre has been pretty successful, with games like Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare and books like Eric S. Brown’s How the West Went to Hell. I had high hopes for this independent effort, written and directed by Rene Perez and starring David Lockhart, Camille Montgomery, Rick Mora, and Robert Amstler.

The movie opens with a pretty decent gunfight, but really drops off from there. A bounty hunter is strapped for cash, and goes after a notorious Indian who is wanted for rape and murder. The citizens of the old Western town find a strange glowing-green meteorite and open it up, releasing CG radiation and turning them all into angry, fast zombies. And you can pretty much figure out where it goes from there.

My two biggest problems with this were the lack of originality — there’s really no guesswork here — and the dragging plot. I thought of Creepshow as soon as I saw the meteorite sequence — the Stephen King meteorite segment. And there are just so many traveling sequences. You see a lot of walking around. I almost fell asleep during the drawn-out, actionless dialogue scene between the bounty hunter and the Indian.

Not to mention the blatant CG that plagues the film. I already mentioned the radiation being computer-generated, but a lot of the blood is unquestionably CG and sticks out badly.

I might as well add that I had a problem with the lead actor as well — David Lockhart has the bounty hunter. He comes across as neither rugged nor tough, and his soft, high-pitched voice doesn’t help.

But I will say that I enjoyed the look of the zombies. I loved the sequence inside the house when the blind zombie is stalking the girl. The makeup was done very well, and the scene was pretty well done, even if there were some things about it that didn’t make much sense.

Yeah, I was disappointed by this one. Lots of promise, with little delivery. I give it a 3/10.

Horror Jungle Episode 3

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I’ve seen some questions about where listeners can comment on the Horror Jungle podcast. I’m going to start posting to this blog every time a Horror Jungle episode is released, so there’s a place we can talk about the podcast.

On episode 1, I recommended the classic Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974). I then recommended Dance of the Dead (2008) on episode 2, and on episode 3 recommended Boy Eats Girl (2006).

Agree? Disagree? Don’t care? Post a comment and let me know.

Thank you all for listening and coming to my site. I truly appreciate everyone.